Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) is an essential software application for educational institutions and business organizations. It solves their management, delivery, monitoring and control of education activities and online education needs. The software application focuses on the training or learning programs and helps develop a robust process for such institutes and organizations. The LMS serves an all-around purpose and takes care of all needs such as uploading the learning material, delivering the lesson, conveying any announcement, tracking individual and collective progress, collecting data for monitoring, keeping supervision, and many more.


Learning Management System For Administrators, Faculties, and Students

Salient Features of Appextech’s Learning Management System (LMS)

Listed below are some advantages of Appextech’s LMS. Some of these advantages are technological, which are a result of using certain technology and infrastructure (HW and SW). Some other advantages of our LMS come from Appextech’s vast knowledge and market expertise.

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